Process Diversity

My artistic journey is ever evolving, my working processes are never static for very long! I have a fear routine and of becoming entrenched in a particular way of working that starts to feel formulaic. I love to find new ways of expressing ideas and concepts, so whilst I consider myself primarily a painter, I am always looking to explore different and more complex ways of art making. I find a richness in these layers of process that is sometimes hard to emulate just with acrylic paint. My current collage work using hand printed papers is an example of how I am drawing on two different creative processes, printing and collage, to create a visually different body of work which in turn has created a new space for the themes of form and contrast to strongly emerge, which I am finding is naturally cross pollinating with other painterly works in progress. The question is, will I bring paint into the process as this series nears completion or will I just enjoy the graphic simplicity offered by this complex process? Stay tuned!

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