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If you love bold colour and organic abstract design, you're in the right place!


Let me colour your world with unique and original artwork that will bring good vibrations to your space! 

I'm an abstract painter, designer and maker of objects, living and working on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia, having emigrated from England in 2001.


I created my first large expressive work at the age of 4, on the living room wall, having been left unsupervised with only a limited supply of paper and a box of crayons. I have been painting and drawing ever since, no doubt inspired by close family creatives (an actor, a ceramicist, several painters, musicians and an engineer.)

My bold and colourful artwork is infused with visual elements that reference texture and ornament; structures and forms; architectural details; design elements; wide open spaces; the density of cities; seas and mountains; rhythms and seasons.


The complexity of my paintings communicates my personal philosophy that life is layered with contrasts, evolving ideas, personal stories and diverse experiences that all shape our unique and individual perspectives.  

Stay inspired!
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