Works on Paper

This body of work evolved from a series of process-driven sketches on paper.


Drawing on fragments of memory and historic connections to places of personal significance,  the creation of this work is guided by contemporary perspectives of memorable lived experiences.  


These works are driven by a need to reflect, contemplate and capture something of the essence of a formative emotional experience arising from previously 'inhabited' places. 

I am encouraging my visual language to evolve and develop through experimental painterly and drawing processes.


Works on Canvas

January 2021

Returning to paint and canvas after a seven year hiatus, brought a sense of urgency to capture recent experiences in a socio-political environment, through a new creative journey.


Finding a different way of working and articulating ideas became pressing, in recognition of my changed circumstances and need to assimilate as yet, unprocessed observations. 


In recent years I have become increasingly beguiled by abstraction and notions of conceptualism and I wanted to move on from using landscape as a metaphor for spiritual space which is a common theme in my early work.


April 2021