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Incognito Art Show 2022

There were so many buyers lined up outside the door on sale day this year, there weren't enough hours in the day to get all the collectors through the doors and with over 1,400 artists contributing over 3,500 artworks to the show, this year's event was huge! Remaining art works are now up for grabs in the online sale, so make a cuppa and have a browse.

It's wonderful to know that my donated artworks all sold on sale day and there's something just a bit special in knowing that your artwork has been in the same room as work by the likes of Ben Quilty and Reg Mombasa! That's a win for me!

At the close of the exhibition I was thrilled to hear from a collector who purchased one of my artworks. He was none other than the father of the founding twin brothers of the show Dave and Ed Liston. It's always wonderful when collectors connect with you after purchasing your work and to know that one of my pieces had found it's way into the hands of someone so uniquely connected with the initiative was very special indeed.

I'm looking forward to participating again next year, and if you're an artist and would like to take part too, keep an eye on the Incognito Art Show website for the call out next year.

Incognito Art Show 2022
Incognito Art Show 2022

Image courtesy of the Incognito Art Show

The founders of the show describe their mission as being:

To support arts organisations To provide emerging artists with professional pathways To inspire and develop a new generation of art collectors and supporters

And along the way, funds raised by from the show are donated to a local charity - this year it was Studio A, a not for profit space that supports artists with intellectual disabilities.

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