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Sketch with Blue and Magenta

If you've been following my Instagram you'll know I've been exploring new colour combinations lately and blue/purple/magenta came up. I make a quick video of this little painting coming together in my sketchbook.

There are always learnings to be had from sketchbook time and this one was about Cobalt Blue. It's a super strength prismatic primary colour and very rich, I didn't love it on it's own but with the edges of it knocked off with other colours it felt less dominant.

My usual blue go-to is Phthalo Blue which is cooler which mixes so well with other colours and is less robust than the cobalt in terms of transparency.

I did find some printed papers that, with a nudge of glaze here and there, found their way into this one!

Sketchbook Painting - Purple Haze
Sketchbook Painting - Purple Haze

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