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Studio News - March 2023

How do I know where I'm going?

Navigation isn't my strong point, but having a map does help!

With my 'Portal' Series out there now and hanging in the gallery, I'm taking some time to reflect......

But why would I look backwards when there's a world of possibilities waiting for me as I go forward?

For me, it's about taking what I've learned over the past few months and using that knowledge and understanding of successes, failures and challenges, to identify connection points and set intentions for my studio time moving forward.

These intentions help me create a kind of road map of ideas I want to explore further.

It can seem like the ultimate freedom to set off on a journey into the unknown with canvas and paint. But without a general direction to head off in at the start and later, a few specific signposts to point us in the direction of our desired destination, it's easy to end up working without intention, unable to make decisions about where we really want our work to end up or how we might get there.

Sure, we can just stop one day with a canvas loaded with paint, and find ourselves 'somewhere', but are we happy to settle for just any old destination, rather than a place we set out to find?

My road map will more than likely include a few dead ends, the occasional cul-de-sac, and U-turns are a bit of a specialty for me, but what will guide me through the next stage of my creative journey are two things:

General direction - these are regular or fundamental themes and ideas that I hold front and centre, each and every day I'm in the studio, whether I'm sketching, experimenting or working on resolving a larger piece.

Signposts - these are ideas and questions that pop up along the way as I'm working - the what if's, the maybe's and the creative possibilities that I think might be interesting to explore. These are like side trips that take me on new little journeys of discovery that may come full circle or become the starting point for a whole new journey.

So as I look at all the work from my 'Portal 'Series I've spent time thinking about what specifically connects me to each piece and begun mapping out an outline of these points of resonance with small sketches on paper in a variety of different media and with collage. My 'road map', is starting to take shape on the studio wall and will help me navigate my studio time.

Each day will be a new step along the road and I know that even though the final destination is still too far in the distance for me to see clearly, my journey will have purpose and meaning.

And hopefully I'll avoid blind alleys and the 'road to nowhere'!


I'm very excited to share that 'Arrival' from my 'Visitors' series has been selected as one of forty finalists in the Local Artists Local Content Art Prize 2023, which will be on show at the

Caloundra Regional Gallery

24 MAR - 7 MAY


The opening night of 'Earthly Nuances', along with two other new and exciting exhibitions at the Cooroy Butter Factory was a great success, abuzz with art chat and positive energy! It was lovely to meet so many new local art lovers and collectors and catch up with fellow artists and friends. Thanks to everyone who came along! The show runs until Sunday 26th March.

Cooroy Butter Factory Arts Centre

10 am - 3 pm Tuesday to Sunday

11a Maple St. Cooroy QLD


Colour is one of my 'General Directions' and it's something I spend a lot of time thinking about and working on - enjoy the latest from my Blog!


So until next month, enjoy creating forward momentum with your work and charting a course for your studio time!


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