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The Crossing Panel 2.tif

Rekindle Series

The mind will freely wander into unexpected places when time and energy is spent focused on the physical process of making and creating. 'Rekindle' is about working in the present moment yet simultaneously existing in a space of memories, both visual and emotional. 

This series began as an inquiry into a new working process. Spending many hours becoming familiar with printing from a Gelli plate resulted in a pile of experimental prints that had no particular destiny at the time they were created. The vibrancy of colour and interesting layered textures that emerged, often randomly, provided the perfect opportunity to explore using these pieces for  collage in a new body of work. As my working process developed I became aware that a form of meditation had begun to co-exist with my making. Intuitively responding to lines, shapes and colours as I worked, occupied my hands and allowed me to let go of the present moment and let all manner of thoughts drift intangibly through my mind. 

At a singular moment in time, during the making of each of these pieces, a specific memory caught and began to reflect itself in the painting, guiding the story of each work and the visual narrative that emerged. 

The resulting artworks are complex in their presentation which is for me a visual manifestation of the challenging process of unearthing significant memories that have lain dormant but formative for many years.

Each of these paintings tells a story about historic experience and sentiments from long ago that, as part of my life journey, rose to the surface to be captured and described, lest they remain unacknowledged and lost forever.

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