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Peach Perfect Sketch

Diad colour scheme sketch
Diad colour scheme sketch

Playing with structure, colour, shape and space are recurring themes for me and in the case of this sketch - verticals in particular!

I began this one with blind contour drawing and used value and contrast principles to get me started.

It was good to switch up my palette from greens and yellows to pink and orange. I find it keeps my mind fresh and makes me really focus as I'm dealing with something that feels new and 'uncertain'. It definitely heightens my sensitivity to colour.

The Black and Payne's Grey string print has been lying around the studio for I don't know how long, but it seemed like the perfect addition to this sketch, providing a welcome cool and dark contrast to the other colours.

Space was really important in this one as the section on the right with all the verticals became quite complex in the end!

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