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Studio News - October 2023

Abstract design shapes composition in bright colours

With visitors coming and going over the past few days, it's no surprise that I've been feeling a change to the energy in my studio space. And this has got me thinking about my connection to my space and my creativity - particularly my apparent need to undertake a creative act on a daily basis!

In the lead up to Open Studios I know I have to disconnect from my creative thoughts and new ideas for a while as tidying up the chaos, hanging paintings, sorting labels and thinking about presentation, all take precedence over making and creating.

The connection I have to my studio space, as a place of refuge, freedom, creative research and possibility begins to undertake a subtle shift for this annual event. It becomes a relatively tidy place, where finished pieces and 'end points' of days or weeks of work are in my field of vision in abundance. Remnants of scattered thoughts, experiments, half finished 'maybe somethings' and 'what if's' are neatly packed away, consigned to boxes under the bench, with an IOU metaphorically attached and whispered promises of 'I'll be back soon'.

I always leave one work bench as is, so I can keep working on a 'small thing' through the week, but there is a sense of confinement and a reduced capacity for making, which feels somewhat alien.

And I realise it's just not that easy to quiet the creative mind and restrict access to my thoughts and contain my impulsivity to bounce from one idea, to the next and to the next. Especially when one body of work is finished and my brain is brimming with ideas of where to go next.

But as visitors come, this creative energy becomes reduced in intensity.

That feeling of forward momentum slows as I find myself surrounded by the fruits of my labour.

And no small sense of wonder begins to shine it's light on what I've created in the past year.

The journeys I've been on begin to truly reveal themselves.

And whilst I feel un-inclined to slow down creatively for a whole 10 days and take stock, perhaps it's what's needed.

Maybe even essential.

So, thank you!

As visitors to my studio you bring me moments of pause, permission to reduce speed, and time to reflect and shift my perspective through sharing, talking and listening to your thoughts on my year of making. You bring with you a sense of both closure and new beginnings.

So when I bring out my boxes of 'maybe somethings' and 'what if's' once the event is over, I can attend to them with renewed appreciation and a fresh sense of purpose and look forward to the coming year with creative anticipation. sometimes feel I ought to be.


Noosa Open Studios Date Saver 6-15 October 2023

It's the final weekend of Noosa Open Studios for this year - Friday 13th, Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th. My studio doors are open 10 am - 4 pm each day.

And don't forget The Hub group participating artists exhibition at Wallace House, Noosaville staffed by volunteers who can give you hand to plan your studio visits.


Abstraction exhibiton at Stevens Street Gallery Open Gallery night 15th September 2023

'Abstraction' is on until 29 October at Stevens Street Gallery, Yandina.

See the smaller works from my 'Encounter Series' and my 30 x 30 cm entries into the 'Pocket Pieces' exhibition, running concurrently.

'Roam' 'Pilgrimage'

Mixed Media on Board Mixed Media on Board

80 cm (H) x 110 cm (W) 80 cm (H) x 110 cm (W)

Custom framed in Natural Oak Custom Framed in Natural Oak


My sketching continues and this month I've been creating some small pieces for Open Studios and revisiting into my collage snippings and trying a few new ways with paint and graphite. I seem to have developed a fascination with pink and turquoise as a colour combination, which has found its way into my latest sketch......I never really thought of myself as a fan of pink, but never say never!

Watch Hiding Place Sketch abstract design background in pink and blue

I'm excited to be the October featured artist in a collaboration with Adelaide jewellery maker Danielle Weyland at Pretty Pods - a sustainable wearable art initiative, recycling coffee pods into gorgeous earrings!

You can check out the designs online and buy direct from Danielle's store.


So until next month, I'll be contemplating this Chinese proverb:

'Be not afraid of going slowly, be afraid only of standing still.'

Come and join me for a chat in the slow lane this weekend!

Charlotte Wensley | Contemporary Abstract Art signature

I'd love to hear you from you, if you have any feedback on my newsletters or any questions about what's happening in the studio.

Feel free to get in touch anytime!


What's On

Save the Date - Noosa Open Studios Art Trail 2023

'Encounter' at Studio 85 Charlotte Wensley | Contemporary Abstract Art

Abstraction exhibition at Stevens Street Gallery Yandina 2023

Selected works now available at Red Hill Gallery Brisbane


Charlotte Wensley | Contemporary Abstract Art - October 2023 Available Works Catalogue

Download my October Catalogue to view currently available works, where to view and gallery contact details.

You'll also find handy FAQ's on how to buy and payment options.

The studio is open by appointment if you'd like to drop in for a visit.

Mon - Sat: 10 am to 3 pm


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