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Studio News - July 2024

cropped detail of a blue pink and yellow abstract landscape painting

If you've ever stood on a windy clifftop and come across a battered old chain link fence sporting a rusty old sign that says 'Danger' with an icon of a person tumbling down some rocks, then generally, the message registers.


Go no further, something not-so-good might happen if you venture past this point.


As humans, staying in the 'safe zone' is an innate part of who we are; it's part of our evolutionary story.


With the completion of one series and as I begin work on the next, I've realised that a small part of my brain has been twittering at me to stay in 'safe' territory with this new work. My process has felt quite settled and enabled me to create what I feel is strong work that I'm happy with.


And at the same time I've been feeling a creative need to try out a few new ideas that have been bubbling away on the back burner for a while, which looks and feels like a bit of a risk, as I have no idea yet how these ideas might come together and if I could make a successful piece of art out of the 'ideas soup' that's in my head.


So I find I've unexpectedly stumbled into the field of risk assessment.


I'm standing on the windy clifftop, but there are no signs or chain link fences......


It's a place where there are no flags to steer rational thinking, or indicate the consequences of going any further with particular ideas.


So I've wondered about this, about my approach to figuring out what's risky and what's not, after all I'm just using paint and canvas and paper........


In testing out new ideas, do I risk;


making a total mess of a current painting?

wasting materials on an ill thought out experiment?

throwing away hours of work and precious time on a piece that's going nowhere?

or making a piece that undermines confidence in my ability to make a piece of art I'm proud of?


But on the other side of the coin is a different perspective.


Do I risk:


missing out on the excitement of making a new creative discovery?

ignoring an opportunity to take my work in a new direction?

losing the chance to make art that incorporates just that little bit more of me?


I'm always going to go with the flip side because, I'm that person who, despite the boundary fence and the warning signs, always wants to see what I can't see, know the unknown and take a closer look at that rock face in all it's glorious detail.


You'll be the first to know whether clambering over that fence was a good idea....stay tuned!


'Beyond Form'


12th - 28th July


'Beyond' Form invites us to look beyond what we see to really experience what we feel when we view an artwork. This intentionally all-women curated exhibition showcases and celebrates four contemporary Australia-based female artists. Taking you on a journey that explores and celebrates colour and abstract shape, figurative narratives, beauty in the divine feminine and the ephemerality of flora. Expressive, gestural and transformative, this is an exhibition not to be missed.


Join us for the opening on Friday 12th July at 6pm

Red Hill Gallery

61 Musgrave Rd



Everyone's welcome, come along and meet the artists and immerse yourself in the world 'beyond'!

art exhibition banner featuring 4 artists and examples of their work

blue and ink abstract painting framed hanging on a white wall

Doing a happy dance!


I'm excited to share that my entry into the Royal Queensland Art Society Members Annual Exhibition was the first prize winner in the 2D artworks section!


"Fantastic colour and composition.

Wonderful details and layers forming the rockpool".


The Rockpool, Latent Series.

Mixed Media on Board, 60 cm x 60 cm

Thanks to all the volunteers who make this show happen and to the judge for selecting my work in this diverse category which included mixed media, collage, printmaking, encaustic and cold wax mediums.


The judge for this years show was Sam Creyton, Curatorial and Engagement Manager at HOTA Gallery on the Gold Coast.

The exhibition runs until Sunday 14th July at Petrie Terrace Gallery, Brisbane; droop in if you're in town!


Save the Date!

Where did the year go? It's that time again!

Artists from the Noosa shire and surrounds will be opening their doors to visitors for 10 days, from August 30th to September 8th and the event celebrations begin on Friday 2nd August at the Cooroy Butter Factory with the fundraising art auction, with pieces donated by a variety of participating artists, including me!


Come along for a night of arty fun and support the event by bidding on a donated work from your favourite artist.

Noosa Open Studios Official Launch Event


And last but not least this month, this one's for the collage lovers among us! Check out my latest Vlog on getting those collage papers stuck good and proper with out pesky wrinkles

Get Stuck Vlog and a collection of collage papers


So until next moth, enjoy climbing over that fence to see what's on the other side!

Check out my What's On to see where you can catch my work in July.

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What's On

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Beyond Form at Red Hill Gallery Brisbane

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