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Studio News - December 2023

Blue and orange abstract paintings

Connections are everything....but where do we find them?

I've had cause to think a lot about 'connections' in the past few weeks, and in a variety of different contexts. It's a phrase that's been bouncing around the studio as I work away on 3 big paintings, each in different colour palettes, with the knowledge that they'll hang side by side being a pressing concern in the making of the work. I somehow need to 'connect' them all and I can't rely on colour to help me do this.

So this got me thinking about the different ways in which I can bring the seperate panels together whilst retaining the identity of each one through their different colour palettes.

I can unify the surface texture, the details and the marks and create a technical visual connection which would give the work a visible sense of cohesion, and my process will help me do that naturally to a certain extent.

I'm also thinking about using a strong and identifiable visual element that will 'link' them all together.

But these connections are really about what's on the 'surface' and what we take in with our eyes as we look at a painting.

I realise I'm also looking for something that goes deeper than this, something less tangible that speaks to the energy of 'place' that will connect the work to the place it will hang and my journey of making them; a feeling that is less easily articulated.

This challenge is one that I need to sit with for a time. To engage in this private conversation between me and the painitng requires space and a certain stillness in the studio to allow me to truly focus on the energy I can feel rather than the materials and surface details I can see, in order to capture and harness these feelings effectively and infuse the paintings with them.

This process can't be rushed.

For me a work isn't complete unless I've formed these two layers of connection - what's on the surface visually and the sprirt that emanates from the work, which cannot be seen, only felt or experienced.

Making connections is intrinsic to what we do as artists.

We want the viewer to genuinely feel our vital connection to the work in some way. We want them to experience the unseen and intangible, that which we give to our work as a gift, which is evidenced through our use of materials and processes.

And once out in the world we want our paintings to support, add to, or enhance the energy in a space, sometimes in a gentle way and in other instances, bring new and different energy to an environment.

So as I work on these painitngs I'm connecting with ideas that go beyond the visual details and the physical act of making and attuning my senses to the unseen spirit of each painting.

And for me this spirit encompasses vitality and nurture and feeling that I've fully connected with the exchange of energy between me and the painting.


Eclectica Art Exhibition

Charlotte Wensley Contemporary Abstract Art

I'm very excited to share that 'River Crossing' won the Abstract Category Award at the Eclectica Art Awards, what a wonderful way to end the year!

This jam-packed show is a must see over the holidays with art of every style and genre created by Friends of the Butter Factory artists and artisans.

Thank you to the sponsors of the award and all the volunteers who make this show possible!

The Butter Factory is open 10 am to 3 pm Tuesday to Sunday at 11a Maple Street Cooroy.


In response to so many questions about using charcoal and pencil in mixed media work during Open Studios, I've written a Blog post and made a video about how I fix these marks in my paintings and sketches. My recent print experiments became a catalyst for my latest sketch with collage paper pieces being my starting point, just for a chnage, enjoy!


Studio One Noosa Art Exhibition

You're warmly invited to join us for an opening celebration of this exhibition featuring local artists at the new Studio One gallery in Noosaville on Tuesday 12th December from 5 pm.

All welcome, no RSVP required, just drop in an meet the artists!

10/64 Gateway Drive, Noosaville.

The show runs until 27 January and the gallery is open Tuesday to Friday 10-2pm or Saturday 10-4pm or anytime by appointment.


A Christmas Thank you

As 2023 draws to a close, I want to say a big thankyou to each and every one of you for following and supporting my creative journey this year. I feel very connected to you all through the lovely messages and emails you've sent my way and all the enriching conversations, collaborations, joy filled workshops and studio visits that have happened this year. I go into 2024 full of gratitude for the year that's been and look forward to another exciting art making year ahead, with some new and exciting projects coming up!

Wishing you all a peaceful and wonderful time of connection with your friends, family and your art, wherever you are in the world!

Charlotte Wensley Signature

I'd love to hear from you if you have any questions about what's happening in the studio, feel free to get in touch anytime!


What's On

Our Locals exhibition at Studio One Noosa

Foot Square Exhibition at Aspire Gallery

Eclectica exhibition at Cooroy Butter Factory arts centre

Small works art prize at Brunswick Street gallery

Selected works now available at Red Hill Gallery


December 2023 Available works catalogue

Download my December Catalogue to view currently available works, where to view and gallery contact details.

You'll also find handy FAQ's on how to buy and payment options.

The studio is open by appointment if you'd like to drop in for a visit.

Mon - Sat 10 am to 3 pm.

Studio will be closed Friday 22nd December to Tuesday 2nd January.


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