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Freshen Up Sketch

Abstract mixed media landscape painting

This sketch had interesting beginnings, being an abandoned demo piece that I started back in October 2023 during Noosa Open Studios.

I'm not one for throwing things away, so I thought I'd revisit it and see what I could make of it.

If I had a train of thought when I started it, that was long gone! So I just dived in to get reacquainted with what was there.

There were a few twists and turns as I worked away, with different ideas surfacing and getting a bit of air time, only to be superseded by another,and the colours went off in a different direction to the ones I started with.

I was driven mainly by my keenness to use an emerald green gelli print that I made with an egg carton - I just loved the patterns and the mix of greens. The colours began to feel very summery and given that as I write this we're experiencing a heatwave after days of drenching rain maybe that's not a surprise, I'm surrounded by lush greens and rain washed foliage and everything just looks so vibrant, but there's no escaping the heat!

I'm also currently in the process of exploring some new colour ideas for my next paintings, which today feel like they could go in a seasonal direction - but that's always subject to change......

Enjoy the video!

Abstract mixed media painting landscape in green blue an dpink
'Freshen Up'

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