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Balancing Act Sketch

mixed media sketch on paper by Charlotte Wensley
Balancing Act Sketch

I started this sketch with blind contour drawing, just looking at what I could see from my workbench to get some shapes down on the paper. And then this one went for a real wander!

There is a long messy middle to this one as I played around with balancing the colour triad of Yellow-Green, Red-Orange and Blue-Violet. The challenging colour palette and very few printed collage papers in my stash in these colours, led to me using plenty of paint on this one.

Out came the paint pens and oil pastels too, but I got there in the end!

The colours do work well together - but this exercise really became all about the balance of and proportional use of those colours. The greens came out the winner with the Red-Orange being minimised but still evident.

Oil pastels and paint pens also got a dust off for this one! I haven't used oil pastel in a while and had forgotten how deliciously buttery they are to use. I might revisit them as they do add a lovely texture and offer something different in terms of mark making.

You might want to take a break and make a cuppa for this one as it's about 12 minutes long!

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