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Working in Series

If you follow my Instagram page you'll know that I like to work in series.....

Working this way helps me to focus on perhaps just one or two aspects of my art making at a time which encourages me to take a closer look at what I'm doing, how I am thinking about a particular art element and how I am working to resolve an issue. A series may be about colour, or employment of lines and shapes or often I find myself absorbed in process related investigations, whether that's working in layers or building a surface using glazes or fusing print and collage or mixing media in unusual ways.

As a result, visual themes and aesthetics for different series become apparent which enables me to create a coherent body of work that explores particular elements and processes. Sometimes I know what I want a series journey to be about before I begin, and at other times I just begin work, spend time with a selection of materials and see what rises to the surface, captures my curiosity and begs investigation, finding that a body of work will develop naturally from there.

One things is for sure though, with each new series an evolution of my arts practice occurs, mistakes are made, failures are borne, lessons are learned, new ideas are generated and the gauntlet of new investigations is thrown down!

Working in Series
Working in Series

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