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Studio News - May 2023

Early layers of collage & paint
Early layers of collage & paint

Glimpses and rabbit holes...there have been plenty of those lately, but am I making progress?

How do I know if I'm going round in circles or forging a new path forward?

It can be difficult to tell the difference between the two sometimes!

I've spent a couple of weeks working up some small paintings with ideas from my wall of curiosities and whilst I was enjoying act of painting and creating something new, I just kept thinking to myself, 'I've been here before'.

I have this wonderful wall of interesting snippets in front of me, that was leading me somewhere but I hadn't really assimilated the possibilities of all these alternative potential journeys into my thinking.

What I'm seeing in my sketches is a gravitation towards strong, simple compositions, structure and big shapes.

But is this enough to move my work forward into new territory?

The answer is - who knows?!

It's a rabbit hole I'm going to go down and I'll take my glimpses with me and leave my 'wall of curiosities' intact for now, as a guide.

The key to this phase of my creative journey though, is holding front and centre my belief that as artists we're here to uncover, explore, and interpret that which is unique to us and we have to commit to the search for that uniqueness, it doesn't just magically appear. Working in a heightened state of awareness about what we feel about the work as we go is our true guide and this is what will set us on the right path.

Sooner or later I know that my ideas will come together and something coherent will emerge. I just have to spend time with these new realisations, and that may mean studio days where progress feels slow, (or lacking completely) but it's all part of the creative journey.

And you never know, I might find a whole new wonderland at the end of it all.

One thing's for sure though, the studio currently resembles a scene from the Mad Hatter's tea party!


I've completed my entries for this years Incognito Art Show!

The Incognito Art Show is a not-for-profit organisation supporting Australian artists. But it isn’t an ordinary art sale. Every piece of artwork, regardless of artist, is sold for just $100.

The twist?

The identity of an artwork’s artist remains anonymous until sold and only then is the artist’s name revealed to the buyer.

All artworks are A5 sized and sold in-person, on a first-come-first-served basis at a venue in Sydney TBA. Buyers are limited to buying up to three artworks each.

Profits raised will go towards funding programs at Studio A and Little Orange, both arts companies that provide professional development for artists with disabilities.

This awesome initiative, run by volunteers, provides greater access to art-buying for those without the usual means to do so, as well as democratising art selection - buyers buy what they truly love, not a big name!

If you're an artist and would like to get involved,

registrations close at the end of May.


I've taken an up close look at collage in my latest blog post, looking at it's origins and how 'modern' collage fits into my current working practice, including a work-in-progress video of my recent collage experiments, enjoy!

In my latest videos I'm continuing my colour explorations with triads

Red-Violet, Blue-Green,Yellow-Orange in 'Sunday Dunes' and Orange, Green and Violet in 'Orange Punch' with some interesting twists, turns and results!


What's On


So until next month, don't wait for the magic to happen, get on and explore those rabbit holes to find out what kind of unique and wondrous things are waiting for you!

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