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Dusty Summer Sketch

Following on from my current painting series, I've been having a play around with transposing some of my drawings using the gel plate, which resulted in some really interesting collage papers. I decided to start this sketch on gessoed paper with some big collage pieces to see what happened, instead of my usual line-based starter pieces.

Having texture, line and colour already laid down on the paper gave me plenty of options for getting started and I loved the way this sketch evolved.

Working away on this one, I started to wonder about 'process' and ask myself, is it ever really possible to truly understand our own working process? Do we need to? Should we even try? And perhaps, it's better if we don't? I like having some go-to materials which I use regularly, but in terms of how I use them, there's no such thing as a formula!

I enjoy the way accidents happen, and when new and interesting ideas appear and I value the freedom to take risks with what I'm doing.

Do you understand your process and if you do, do you follow it to the letter every time? Let me know in the comments!

Mixed media sketch on paper
Dusty Summer Sketch

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