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Beach Day - Sketchbook Painting

I've been playing around with creating impressions from a site I'm referencing for my current project using collagraphs. The print process can be a little unpredictable and whilst some prints turned out great, others were less successful.

I wanted to preserve some of the texture treasures that happened and incorporate them into a new piece. I usually do these in my sketchbook, but thought I'd try working on a piece of mixed media paper instead for this one. I think I prefer the smooth surface of my sketchbook pages and wondered about gessoing and sanding these sheets of paper first for a similar surface....anyway that's something to try for next time!

Enjoy this one - it's a hot summer here in Australia at the time of posting this and the beach vibe is all around at the moment! Don't forget to like and subscribe if you're enjoying my videos and a heads up - I've just put out my 'Top 10 TIPS - GELLI BASICS' for my Studio News subscribers. Follow the link below to grab your copy today!

Beach Day - Sketchbook Painting
Beach Day - Sketchbook Painting

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