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Studio News - November 2022

This month sees the start of a new body of work, so I've been contemplating exploring new pathways to creating, beginning with materials, processes and a fresh perspective.

Studio News - November 2022

Should I be following a straight line?

If I was a representational painter doing a traditional perspective drawing maybe, or if I was an architect and wanted to avoid wonky buildings! But I've been thinking lately about straight lines in the context of the 'artist's path.'

I could follow a fairly straight and linear creative pathway using a tried and tested process that produces satisfying and predictable results that I know I'll be happy with. Or I can stay true to myself as a creative explorer, taking risks, responding to diversions and tangents and constantly re-evaluating where I'm at and where I want to go next. Much of this adventuring involves inputting new information into my creative Sat-Nav about possible routes to take, even if these eventually put me on a circuitous route and I find myself back where I started! Though I know that even if that happens, the very act of going on a different journey will have created a new experience and offered me a new perspective, or sometimes even just affirmed my previous thinking. But one thing I'm always sure of, is that creative nudges will happen along the way. I might stumble across a new and unexpected signpost, or gain a sweeping vista of clarity from a mountain top or find refreshment in a hidden waterfall of new ideas. It's this sense of adventure that keeps me excited about my time in the studio. So, as I'm thinking about my new body of work, I've decided to put some random co-ordinates into the Sat-Nav and see where these conceptual and visual risks might take me. At this stage, all I can tell you is that my latest journey has begun with an etching press, some aluminium, drawings done on a damp day under an umbrella, a collection of interesting organic materials and a narrative about connection to place. How it will all come together is anyone's guess!


I've been having a bit of a deep dive into colour as I start to think about how I'm going to use colour in the new work. So lots of colour mixing practice and exploration and creating swatches of colour from greys and muted colours to saturated prismatics, exploring different palettes and ways of combining colours. Learning more about colour interactions is fascinating and I have a long list of studies I want to do now!


My latest Blog post is all about creating papers for collage and I've been playing with violet and blue in my latest sketchbook painting.


A big thanks to everyone who took the time to complete my workshop feedback survey, I'm already planning for next year! So until next time, embrace creative diversions if they come your way, and enjoy exploring!

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