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Studio news - April 2024

Abstract landscape painting in blue and orange

Am I a squirrel?

Though I might not look like one, I think I'm starting to behave like one!

I'm bouncing around the studio between paintings, somewhat like a squirrel leaping acrobatically among the trees.


Have you ever seen a squirrel looking as if it's not sure what to do next?


I don't think I have.


They always seem to be on a very clearly defined mission, with places to go, things to do and foraging to be done.

And they're very busy with it.


That's how I feel at the moment - busy, busy busy!


And lets not overlook the fact that squirrels hoard.


 And as a consequence of all the work I have on the go at the moment, I can see that I too am starting a hoard of my own; but of things that are of greater value to me than nuts.


And this is where squirrels and I diverge.


I'm not storing up more of the same, I'm storing up new and different ideas.


 And plenty of them, which seem to be coming to mind all the time, in every thought and every action, as a result of being fully immersed in my current mission, with so many works in progress at the same time.


I'm thinking about progression, further developing my visual language, changing the scale of work I'm doing, exploring the potential for new and interesting combinations of processes and materials and about how I can diversify my thinking and approach to colour and shape, and ultimately push my work further into abstraction.


These ideas for future work are coming from actively doing the work and being fully engaged in the creative process.

selection of art reading books

And when I'm not in the studio, I'm reading about art making and art makers from a variety of different perspectives; and learning new tips and tricks for techniques that I've tried and processes I'm keen to experiment with.


Making and learning go hand in hand for me; the making leads to thinking, which leads to a desire to learn more, which in turn informs the subsequent making in new and different ways.

And whilst squirrels aren't known for being the greatest readers, we do have one more thing in common:


I present myself, bright eyed and bushy tailed every morning at the crack of dawn, ready to get busy and take on the challenges of the day.


My new 'Latent' series is well underway, with work-in-progress paintings propped up all over the studio!


Here and there I've taken a break from the larger works to complete these 30 cm x 30 cm pieces. I love having various sizes of work on the go, being able to resolve small paintings in a matter of days (rather than weeks or months as is the case with larger pieces) provides the perfect little reminder that I am making some progress with my ideas, even as I'm surrounded by lots of unfinished work!


Working small also provides some active head space for me to consider what this new work is all about....and I've been having plenty of thoughts about that...... some ideas crystallize easily and others require a bit of a tussle to nail them down, but I think I'm getting there, and more often than not, the purpose of the work becomes clear as I'm in the process of making it.


I'll keep you posted!

4 small abstract paintings hanging on a wall

These 'smalls' are now available in my online store.


Watch Box it up collage artmaking video

The latest addition to my Blog is all about making the most of waste cardboard packaging to create an inexpensive surface on which to explore colour contrast, using existing structural lines and shapes as a guide.

Check out my studio notes and watch the video......


The Affordable Art Fair is coming to Brisbane

I'm excited to be exhibiting with Red Hill Gallery at the launch of the Brisbane event 9 - 12 May at the Brisbane showgrounds in Bowen Hills, alongside Nick Olsen, David Hinchcliffe and Christine Reilly.


Don't miss this opportunity to see a huge collection of inspirational work by emerging, mid-career and established artists from across Queensland and beyond, all under one roof.


Treat yourself to a day immersed in the art scene, surrounded by fellow art lovers, gallerists and artists.


 I'll be there, painting live over the weekend - come and say hi, I'd love to see you!


Opening Night and VIP Preview: Thursday 9 May: 5pm – 9pm

Friday 10 May: 10am – 8pm

Saturday 11 May: 10am – 5pm

Sunday 12 May: 10am – 5pm


So until next month, indulge your inner squirrel if you have one, and enjoy being busy, busy, busy in your creative practice!

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Abstraction exhibition at Royal Queensland Art Society

Affordable art fair brisbane dates


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