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Curiosity Series - Video Catalogue

It's always very satisfying to complete a body of work, even more so to present new paintings against a lovely white background, without the chaos of the studio threatening to overwhelm them! It's often the first chance I get to view the work objectively.

After a few days of finishing, varnishing and adding all those final touches, I have a chance to step back from the making process and create some distance from the myriad of decisions that have to happen when working through a painting.

At this stage, I'm usually in a place of calm, peace and acceptance, and I can just enjoy looking at my new creations and view them as an audience might when seeing them for the first time. This 'in between' allows me to mentally let go of the series before embarking on the next creative adventure.

It's an important time, especially as I know that I will never have such a close connection to these paintings ever again as they, hopefully, find their way into the lives of others! I hope you enjoy the catalogue and learning the story behind the creation of this series.

Curiosity Series Catalogue
Curiosity Series Catalogue

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