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Buying art with a twist!

This year I'm taking part in the Incognito Art Show, a fundraiser for Studio A in Sydney that supports professional development for artists with intellectual disabilities. Over 3400 donations have been received from participating artists around Australia. The sale of these works is an in-person event, being held this year at, 2 Lacey Street, Surrey Hills, doors open at 8 am on Saturday 18th June.

What are the sale day rules?

There are three key rules to the Incognito Art Show sale:

  1. Artworks will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis.

  2. Buyers are restricted to buying up to 3 artworks each.

  3. All artworks will cost $100 each regardless of who the artist is.

And with some of the biggest names in the art world contributing including Archibald and Sulman Prize finalists you could snag yourself a piece by a famous artist!

The twist? Whilst the artworks are on display they are not attributed, so you have no idea which work is by which artist, so if you're going to buy, you'll need to make your choice on art that really speaks to you, irrespective of it's actual or potential value. You'll only find out who the artist is once you have made your purchase.

All the artworks have been created on A5 cards supplied by the Incognito Art Show and include everything from portraits, landscapes, still life's, abstracts, drawings, mixed media pieces and prints. Such a wonderful and diverse array of art, so make a cuppa and have a browse even it you can't make it to the sale, its well worth the time! And if you're an artist - you can sign up to be kept in the loop for next years event so you too can support this fantastic initiative.

Buying art with a twist!
Buying art with a twist!

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