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Shapes in Space

I've been having a bit of a play around with collage papers and shapes, as I had so many interesting bits of material left over from my gelli printing. I also pulled out offcuts of collagraphs and monoprints for this exercise.

It was good practice in just observing what shapes felt good and the kinds of edges these different shapes make when re-arranged, again and again! I ended up photographing these as I went so I could add them to my ‘Wall of Curiosities’.

Sometimes is great to just work without actually sticking anything down so as not to become too precious. It's like an endless puzzle! Working quickly and without attachment is a good way to move quickly and spontaneously through ideas.

Placing these shapes and trying different arrangements is not to do with aiming for a finished sketch, it's about giving yourself the opportunity to simply notice what catches your eye. If you do enough of them and take quick photos as you go you might start to see a pattern emerging in what you're considering and responding to.

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