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Sail Away Sketch

red yellow blue painted shapes
Sail Away Sketch

Red, Yellow and Blue are intense primary colours and used altogether in their raw form are fairly overwhelming!

But with the addition of plenty of white, more pastel shades are achieved that work beautifully together. The pure colours add a lively pop of colour.

This sketch evolved from some leftover drawing pieces from my Portal Series and began with lots of bright colour.

I think this is a first for me - creating a piece with this colour palette! It's just an A3 sketch on gessoed paper, made with the aim of simply exploring these colours to see how they work together and how best to use them proportionally; in a way that maintains the integrity of the colour triad, but that is easy on the eye!

Slim pickings from my gelli prints for collage as these primaries are not colours I've explored in a singular way on the gelli plate. Though I seemed to find plenty of old prints in pink! I did try some oil pastel marks and used my favourite charcoal pencils.

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