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Hiding Place Sketch

Abstract mixed media painting in pink, blue and ochre yellow
Hiding Place

My sketches have taken a bit of a back seat this month with all my time and energy going into finishing my bigger paintings.

But I've had 'muted colour' on my mind as we've been working our way through various colour exercises at the Tinbeerwah Art Group.

So with some paint leftover on my palette I decided to ask myself, what happens if I mute or de-saturate all the colours in a sketch?

I added Burnt Umber and/or Payne's Grey and white in small, varying amounts to the basic paint colours of Red-Violet and Blue-Green. I also had some prints leftover from a recent workshop in ochre/turquoise and Red-Violet which I just loved, (I made them using the base of a cardboard egg carton) and which were beginning to burn a hole in the bench in their insistence to be used in something! They were the perfect addition to this piece.

The result is is a soft, yet rich palette of colours, based on the same colour triad I used in 'Sunday Dunes'.

The proportional use of these colours has quite a a dramatic effect on the overall feeling in each piece, which is something I'm keen to pay more attention to as I go with these sketches.

Maybe that could be a whole new series, just using the same palette but altering the amounts of each colours I use.....I'll should probably put that on my to-do list!


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