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Habitat Series - Video Catalogue

A year in the making, my Habitat Series is finally complete! What a journey with such great learnings to take away from the process of making this collection of paintings.

Allowing myself 12 months to work through these pieces has opened up a world of different possibilities and given me new and alternative approach to my art making. Reviewing the work now, I can see how each piece has been infused with elements from other works in progress and experimental explorations that have happened concurrently throughout the year.

I am able to see that that each painting has a unique time capsule story to tell, about what else was happening in the studio at the time I was working on these.

Usually I complete one series of paintings before I begin the next, but during this year I have had 3 other collections on the go and Habitat has become a a kind of 'umbrella' series which has captured lots of smaller art making learnings and experiments over the course of the year.

It's made me realise the importance of allowing a slower paced evolution of my process to happen along side the more immediate and urgent need to create. The two are symbiotic and each 'speed' informs the other, nudging and guiding a progressive evolution in the way I work and the paintings I create. Having paintings in the 'slow lane' also allows for a consolidation of what I'm learning about my areas of interest and it temper my ever-present sense of urgency around my creative process.

It's become a pivotal series, not necessarily in my visual language, which continues to evolve, but more essentially in my approach to my work.

They're now up in my online shop and on display for the first time during Noosa Open Studios 2022 as part of this year's exhibitions.

You can learn more about the concept and stories behind each of these works in my video catalogue.

Taking Time to Evolve
Taking Time to Evolve

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