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Embracing limitations in your art

Working with limited colours and materials can give us a new creative freedom to explore, experiment, test and try things out. As creatives, I think we have a natural propensity for problem solving and finding solutions is something we do with every brushstroke or pencil mark. We are always moving our work forward with the ultimate aim of finding a satisfactory resolution of some kind. And whilst that resolution is different for every artist, I think we all work to overcome challenges as we work.

Sometimes we create more problems than we solve, but this is the artist's way! Placing restrictions and limitations on our process heightens the challenge and makes us work harder, as we don't have an extensive collection of props to help us solve a particular visual problem. We also have to keenly focus our attention on the 'problem' at hand, as nuances are finer and its easier to miss potential solutions.

In this video I'm working on a cradled panel to which I've added some collage elements. My colour palette is limited to blues and pinks - the yellow comes later!

This painting went on to become one of my Curiosity Series, which is all about working with limitations.

Embracing limitations in your art
Embracing limitations in your art

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