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Capturing Your Energy

A challenge for any artist is to capture and portray energy and dynamism on a static surface. It really comes down to the marks that are visible in the paint or drawing medium, whether those are brushstrokes or pencil lines.

These marks all have one thing in common; they are physical evidence of the artists touch, a unique singular moment in time when the artist has used the energy within themselves to create impressions on the canvas or paper. Left visible for the viewer, these marks speak the language of transference and communication.

A steady mark communicates that the artist was perhaps in a more meditative state, a seemingly random splash might speak more of urgency.

Mark making tells the viewer something of the state of mind of the artist. If we can tune in and look past the visual marks, we can begin to really feel them, physically absorb some of their energy and walk away from the artwork with a sense of transference of the artist's story.

Capturing Your Energy
Capturing Your Energy

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