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Charlotte Wensley - The Boardwalk

The Boardwalk

Working on my Portal Series developed my fascination with swales and beach access tracks along the Sunshine Coast. 

They are places of the 'inbetween', with pathways that tempt us to hurry along, in pursuit of the expansive ocean vista, that we know awaits.


But I find a special and unique energy in these places. They offer stillness before the sea breezes can be felt, shade before the sun drenched beach comes into view, and beautiful hidden gems in the form of ponds and reed beds. I always find myself attuned to the sound of birdsong in the swale, which can be heard before the sound of waves crashing on the shore begin to dominate,

This painting was inspired by walking Beach Access Track 68, which crosses the Peregian-Coolum section of the Noosa National Park, on a blustery day with an incoming storm.

As I emerge from the stand of protective trees, the intimate secret of the swale shows itself; reed beds of proud grey-green stems pointing skywards from dark and watery foundations as the timber boardwalk suspends my passage above. Giving way to sand underfoot through swathes of Banksia, I leave behind the honeyed sound of birdsong. Scattered leaves are all around; a storm is brewing out to sea, the gathering clouds above hint at the boisterous swell beyond, the sunlight comes and goes as I leave the shelter of foredune and once atop, embrace nature’s gift, arms outstretched.


Charlotte Wensley - The Boardwalk
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