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Charlotte Wensley Contemporary Abstract Art

River House Commission

This collection of paintings was commissioned for a home overlooking the Noosa River. The client chose the colour combinations and the size of each panel (120 cm (H) x 85 cm (W), wanting the pieces to hang separately, but making reference to each other and read as one for a main wall in the living space.

Getting to know the client as the project progressed was fundamental in ensuring the finished paintings resonated with the clients life journey, encompassing travel and adventure and a personal philosophy of embracing the passage of life. 

Trees abound along this particular stretch of the Noosa river and with houseboats at anchor and vessels regularly passing the home, the visual focus was for me, the body of water and the energy flow that connects the home to its environment.

Each painting began quite individually but as the 3 panels came together I chose to link them with a recognisable visual element that would read across the lower portion of each panel, creating visual cohesion and a strong reference to the notion of journeys. 

The paintings took 3 months to complete were installed in February 2024.


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