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Habitat Series

This series began as a pathway to explore and communicate historical stories and events that have taken on a deep and personal significance over time. 

A year in the making, these paintings permanently inhabited my studio space alongside other work which gave me a tangible and compelling reason to pause and reflect on their purpose and meaning as a body of work.


In a fast paced and busy world, it has felt incongruous to devote 12 months to contemplating and slowly resolving a single body of work.

But as a result of allowing myself this time, an important shift occurred in my approach to my work.

The ebb and flow of influences from concurrent projects and working practices infused each painting in unique ways. Each piece speaks not only to it's own story but also to a present day moment in time as colours, collage elements and compositional ideas were 'borrowed' from other work and sketchbook happenings.

The resulting pieces capture both old stories and memories and new narratives about what was happening in the studio at the time the painting was being created.  

Dwelling with and working alongside the reflections and progress that these paintings represent has been a powerful and energizing experience which I think will lead to an enduring annual project as part of my arts practice.


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