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Contemporary Abstract Art | Charlotte Wensley | Queensland Australia - Original Paintings 'Curiosity Series'

Curiosity Series

What happens when we allow ourselves to be truly curious in the studio? What if we think about our art process as a way to ask questions rather than a way of creating answers? If we approach our art making with curiosity as our reason for doing it, does it change the way we think about the resulting artwork? Is it more or less valid?

Experimenting and exploring is fundamental to my art making. Being inquisitive and taking risks opens up new creative pathways. I approached this series with the stated purpose of being curious about the art I would make if I set myself some limitations about colour, size and materials.

Working with 'curiosity' front and centre of my decision making, I found an overwhelming liberty to experiment and explore, combining materials and colours in ways that have created a whole new vocabulary of shapes, textures and compositions. Limiting my colours encouraged me to explore value and contrast in new ways.  


And so a strong visual story emerged which developed a momentum of its own, and allowed me to contemplate our often untapped capacity for creative invention when our stated purpose is simply just to be curious. 


For me, the validity of this work is embedded in the clearly defined and purposeful process and the finished artworks are secondary to my primary purpose of 'curiosity'.

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