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Contemporary Abstract Art | Charlotte Wensley | Queensland Australia - Artists Statement


With landscape as my muse and colour and shape as my companions, each painting unfolds through curiosity, inquiry and a liminal approach enabling me to respond to what is happening on the canvas at any given moment.


There are no pre-destined outcomes or plans for what a finished painting might look like. I surrender to the act of summoning imagery from the blank canvas, balancing the accidental and the unexpected with decision making and response, respectfully allowing the painting to find its own way into being. I engage in conversation with each piece until we are both satisfied that there is nothing left to say.


The lack of prescription in my process is a conscious decision, so I remain entirely free to experiment with materials and processes. I employ collage, printmaking, drawing and painting in my work in various ways, creating layers of visual and surface history on the canvas.


I explore ideas through sketching, drawing and making test pieces in cardboard, print and sometimes clay, looking for resonance; all of which may be later absorbed into bigger works, or remain visible in the studio as signposts to a general direction of travel.


My creative practice is primarily driven by a desire to capture moments of chance encounter as they meet with knowledge and understanding of self, process and the materials I'm working with. 

May 2024

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