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Contemporary Abstract Art | Charlotte Wensley | Queensland Australia - Original Paintings 'The Visitors Series'

The Visitors Series

The sensation of travelling energy is tangible to me.


Vibrations of other people are real, not imagined.


Something is always left in the wake of their passing through. ​

'The Visitors' is my visual response to the physical and energetic impressions left by people who came to my studio in October 2021 as part of the Noosa Open Studios art trail.

Being a first time participant I knew that an energy shift of some kind was inevitable for me. Welcoming many people into what is usually a quiet and solitary space would create ripples for some time to come.

But I had no way of knowing how or when this shift would happen or what it would look and feel like, I just knew that it would come.

All I could do was prepare to capture their presence physically through mark making in the moment and then wait for a distillation of the emotional experience to occur.

These two paintings capture the abiding sentiments that left a deep impression on me and my studio.

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