Abstract landscape is a recurrent theme in my early work, which stems from my childhood years growing up in the Yorkshire Dales in the north of England. The sheer size and scale of this magnificent landscape left a compelling imprint in my mind even at that age and it is against this background that I still resolve and visualise many of my ideas. Moving to the Vale of York onto an arable and livestock farm continued to foster my love of rural landscape and gave me an opportunity to explore new facets of what was to become a key element, not only in my creative life but also in my personal life.

Moving away to study art and design after leaving school saw the introduction of urban landscape into my visual vocabulary and I spent several years responding to the grit and grime of the man made environment.  Work for my final degree show was inspired by a visit to New York City. A whole new direction for me. I am still inspired by the discourse between the natural and man made environments and the human elements contained therein.

Several years of work, travel and the pursuance of my own arts practice followed and then in 1999 I returned to college to undertake a post graduate teaching course to which enabled me to gain an insight into mainstream arts education and to work with young people of all ages to help them connect with their inherent creative potential.


I have a never ending enthusiasm for the creative process and an awareness of the possibilities and opportunities that arise when we allow true creativity to flourish, unhindered by norms and the expectations of others.

Since emigrating to Australia, from the UK in 2001, I have allowed my professional focus to become re-immersed in my large scale painting, exploring and experimenting with new ideas, concepts, processes and mediums.

I'm also committed to working with young people in an educational and creative setting, spending time enhancing their learning environments through large scale mural work, classroom renovations and installation projects. Scenery and prop design for youth theatre productions has become a more recent passion in support of the local performing arts community.


I regularly undertake and donate graphic design work for local community groups and not for profit organisations providing logo designs, visuals for branding, marketing and signage.

I constantly challenge my own thought processes and expectations of self in the pursuit of true artistic freedom and integrity. As I work I ask questions of myself, my process and the materials I am working with - how far can I take this artwork? How far can I push my ideas? How far can this combination of mediums take me? How can I combine materials, mediums and processes without affecting the integrity of the surface.  Always more questions than answers!

When I'm painting I work in relative isolation in my home studio. I allow myself to become immersed in reflection and storytelling and so a journey of discovery unfolds organically with each new work created. I am able to freely engage and experiment with the process of art making and allow a true distillation of thoughts and experiences to occur.



Post Graduate Certificate in Education - Art and Design (Secondary / High School)

BA (Honours) Art and Design Technology

Higher National Diploma in Art Foundation Studies



Bath Spa University, UK (Sept 1999 - June 2000)

York Business College, UK (Sept 1995 - June 1996)

Leeds University, UK (Sept 1992 - June 1995)

Newcastle Arts & Technical College, UK (Sept 1991 -  June 1992)

York Arts & Technical College, UK (Sept 1990 - June 1991)

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