What's a Wakey Bowl?

I'm an early riser. And when I say early, I don't just mean up at the crack of dawn, in fact, well before that, even before the neighbourhood cockerel begins to herald the start of a new day. I'm talking 3 am, (or 4 am if I'm feeling lazy). I'm actually thrilled to be up at this time - the world is quiet, clarity is possible and these, I have discovered, are my best thinking hours. So lots of benefits. But, (there's always a 'but') the downside is that by 7 pm I'm ready to crash. I could literally zonk straight into my dinner plate. Unfortunately, this time of day is my best opportunity for quality family catch-up time. So how to stay awake and present until the rest of the family slopes off to bed? As a compulsive creator, it's no surprise that I would resort to some creative pursuit to keep the brain matter in full working order until bedtime. I tried knitting (dreadful results), crocheting (gave up) and doing some sketch book work (ink all over the couch, whoops). So, enter the 'Wakey Bowl'. Sorting fabric scraps, playing with colour combinations, overlaying patterns and the physical act of wrapping metres of recycled cotton rope in lovely bits and bobs is just the ticket to keep me awake and present for family downtime. Problem solved, and no longer are the family prodding me at 5 minute intervals and saying 'Wakey, Wakey Mum!'.

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