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Art Studio Magic

I came home from running a workshop last week on a sunny afternoon and was struck by how lovely and inviting my studio looked at the end of the driveway, surrounded by lush greenery, and over hanging trees. The doorway suddenly presented itself as a portal into a world where magical things could happen.

For those of you who've been to the studio you might have felt it's magic and wondered if it feels that way all the time. The answer is, yes it does, but it generates many more sentiments besides that too. It engenders a wonderful escapism as I physically separate myself from the house and step away from domesticity for a while. Even though it's really just a shed when all's said and done, some days it feels like a temple, a place to honour creativity and celebrate my commitment to it; other days I feel as though it offers me sanctuary from the craziness in the world.

My studio is a space to mull and ponder on challenges or difficulties and a place to empty my thoughts onto canvas or paper. One things is for sure, the more time I spend making my art in this amazing space, the easier all facets of life become. It's a tonic for which I am full of gratitude.

And as if by magic, time spent in this space refreshes my soul, reinvigorates my mind and encourages my creativity to flow and ideas to blossom. Capturing the abundant energy of my studio on camera was never going to be easy, but I thought I'd do a quick video whiz around the studio in an attempt to show you my space and give you a sneak peak at the magic that's happening this week....

Art Studio Magic
Art Studio Magic

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