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Shake It Up - Part 1

Louise Fletcher's 'Find Your Joy' course - Assignment 2

The first part of the challenge was to pick up colours that you don't usually use and select a range of tools that are unfamiliar to work with. The second part of the challenge was to then revert to more usual colours and tools but this time add in a couple of items from session 1. The key for this exercise was to try and focus on the feelings that arose as we worked.

Part 1: 'Shake It Up' video

I felt un-invested from the beginning probably due I think to choosing colours I never use ( browns, yellow ochre and a murky green) and changing my go to tools to round brushes, no scissors, no pencil, but I did let myself use willow charcoal and a credit card and a sponge roller.... by the end of the hour or so, I felt like I had an unwanted house guest and was ready to show it the door! However I did feel very free to play around and take some risks that I probably wouldn't usually and try some new ideas such as torn paper collage. I was feeling a bit care-less about it at this stage!

Don't forget to watch the follow up - Shake It Up - Part 2

Shake It Up Experimental Painting
Shake It Up Experimental Painting

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