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Sketchbook Starters

This short video tutorial will help you get started with a free and experimental mindset and guide you through the process of creating loose and abstract paper collage starting points to encourage you to explore mark making, observe shapes and lines and provide opportunities for you to work in layers by considering how different thicknesses of paint work together.

Using a sketchbook in this way is a great way to explore the possibilities of working in an non representational way and will provide endless opportunities for you to practice your process and techniques and raise your awareness of shapes and lines that emerge within your work as you go.

When you practice regularly in this way, you'll often find that shapes, lines and marks begin to recur and these all have the potential to become part of your recognisable 'style'.

If you have any questions or would like to share photos of your experiments feel free to email them through to me at I'd love to see how you go!

Explore & Experiment
Explore & Experiment

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