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Candy Land Painting

breight contemporary abstract artwork shapes in yellow pink and blue

I had another go at starting with a black background with this little 30 x 30 cm canvas board along with pieces of bright collage paper, some of which had found their way into the early layers of my bigger paintings.

Most of the little cutout circles and semi-circles were ones I had lying around, leftover from previous snippings, so I was really just using up what I had to hand.

The result is verging on the fluro with bold contrasts, so it feels like a bit of sidestep from the bigger paintings I'm working on at the moment, where I'm exploring softer colours.

Maybe it's just a bit of a wake-up call, it certainly feels bright and bouncy!

A few questions came in about creating the 'spots'. I generally create these layers using contrasting colours or light over dark and vice versa. I wait until the first layer of paint is fully dry and then over-paint with a new colour. I then spritz the area with water from a spray bottle, wait for the second layer to dry and then remove the remaining water droplets using a piece of old t-shirt or a scraper. It can be a bit hit and miss, depending on studio conditions, drying times and the thickness of the second layer of paint, but it's a great way to add organic details and a bit of grunge to the visual texture.


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