Adventures in Art - Term 3

My new Adventures in Art classes for kids are off to a flying start! We've dived right into colourful and absorbing projects, using paint and collage which creates lots of opportunity to explore preferences for colours and patterns and whilst the hands are occupied, downloads from a busy day at school can be shared. I am loving having young creatives in the studio, they bring such a positive and whimsical energy. Their unique and unfettered perspectives of, and approaches to art making are engaging. I love listening to the art chatter, as they freely and generously share thoughts on colours and textures, and how best to stick, snip, shred and draw. They imbue the studio with such a free and joyous energy that creates a wonderful ripple effect that lasts all week! You can check out my 'Adventures in Art' photo album on my Facebook page to see what we've been up to.

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