A Moment in Melbourne

In July this year, Brunswick Street Gallery in Melbourne hosted their annual Fifty Squared Art Prize group exhibition. With over 800 entries this year, of amazing calibre and incredible diversity from talented, emerging and established artists from around the country, I felt privileged just to be 'hanging in there'. Unable to see this small works show in person, I've had to watch from afar and enjoy every photo posted by curators on Instagram. What a great job! Perfect ollections of artworks grouped by genre and placed with such experience that I'm reminded of well stocked and enticing lolly shelves, with tempting items warranting closer inspection, fizz and pop you can see, and colours you can almost taste. Exhibiting a piece at this Melbourne gallery has given me a personal sense of confirmation that I am making work worthy of hanging alongside similarly committed Australian artists, all with their own unique and highly personal artistic visions. Being reminded that I am part of a thriving community of art makers and knowing that my work is occupying a tiny patch of a pristine white gallery wall for a short time, is good for my creative soul; and whilst taking out a prize would be the icing on the cake, I'm just happy to enjoy my lollipop of affirmation. Thank you Brunswick Street Gallery for this sweet moment in time. I'm definitely coming back for more next year!

Image Credit - Brunswick Street Gallery

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