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Portal Series by Charlotte Wensley

Portal Series

Beach Access No.47 at Marcus Beach on the Sunshine Coast, has for me, over the past 20 years, become entwined with, and an integral part of, my life journey. I have walked this particular track hundreds, if not thousands of times, finding it different each time from the last; in all weathers, at different times of the day and night, in various emotional states, on special occasions and celebratory days with family and friends, and sometimes alone to contemplate events and life happenings.


So much of my personal story seems held within the environmental surrounds of this pathway and the section of beach it leads to and I find that my emotional energy shifts each and every time I walk along it.


Having interpreted both visual and sensory aspects of the site from varying perspectives and through employing processes that have included drawing, collage, painting and printmaking, 'Portal' is my response to this place.


The broader landscape, small environmental details, textures, the interplay of light through the trees in the swale and an overall sense of the energy of this place have all been explored through these artworks.

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