I find myself constantly absorbed by the abstract nature of emotion and memory, and the way in which physical distance and personal reflection can change one's perception of lived experience. My work references these intangible journeys of formative emotional development.

Often using landscape as a metaphor for spiritual space, though increasingly drawn to greater abstraction and to elements of the philosophy of conceptualism, I strive to create ambiguous and undefined places where the mind can wander, free to contemplate and respond to forms, lines and colours and where the viewer can begin to explore their own perception of each work and further its narrative and meaning by lending their own experience to its interpretation. 

I am driven to create by a strong sense of forward momentum, often laced with urgency, which sees anything beyond the current creative process fall away until I have captured the essence of a feeling or observation and developed a piece that, above all else, gives me a strong sense of emotional resonance, personal connection, meaning and message.


The passing of time and my fascination with the uniqueness and variety of human responses to the journey of life motivate me to cast my net wide for subjects and observations resulting in artwork that describes my responses to everyday experiences, from the mundane to the transformative, both physical and ephemeral and to experiences of places and environments. 


For me, life is full of layers of complexity, contrast and evolving ideas and narratives, and I try to convey this through my work.