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Lush by Charlotte Wensley Pink and green abstract mixed media painting

Encounter Series

This series brings together my liminal approach to art making with more formal considerations of colour and shape.


After completing my Portal Series in early 2023 I spent several weeks re-investigating the work I'd made, through sketch and collage, creating a 'Wall of Curiosities', filled with mini paintings, drawings, collages and visual experiments.


I gave myself time to sit with the work, respond to what I could see and allow threads of resonance to surface. This reflection exercise enabled me to unearth clues as to where to go next in the studio.

Shape emerged as the primary consideration, but I also wanted to approach my use of colour with greater awareness and sensitivity,  resulting in time spent immersed in researching colour and making small colour studies and sketches. This exploratory work formed the basis of the paintings in this series. 

My mind turns often to memories as I'm working, reflecting on places I've been and things I've seen and experiences I've had and these stories weave their way into the work as I contemplate the guiding narrative of each piece.

This is a body of work that reflects on my encounters with shape, colour, process and experiences.


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