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Charlotte Wensley _ Contemporary Abstract Art - The Gathering

Explorer Series

This series began as an experimental way to explore colour and shape through 'sketching', working on paper with limited colour palettes.

Responding to initial marks and suggestions presented by beginning with two or three pieces of collage material, I went on to develop shapes intuitively based on what was happening within the image. 

Each artwork employs different colour palettes; some based on colour theory principles and others in response to working on bigger paintings at the same time and sometimes I just used the colours that were on my palette on any given day.

My aim was to maintain a freedom to use any mediums, materials and processes and explore ways in which they could be combined at different stages of making the artworks and to see what impact, if any, these variations had on the finished piece.

Each piece came to exist from a place of endless possibilities and the process of resolving these sketches and exploring in this way led me to more deeply analyse my approach to my art making. I discovered that a fundamental driver of my arts practice is the journey of beginning with a visual problem then exploring different ways to solve it. This process involves many layers of addition, subtraction, re-frame and risk taking until all the components of the image feel balanced.

This series is ongoing for the time being and will updated as and when new works are completed.

November 2023

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